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Get help paying for college or training in critical job fields 

Vermont is investing millions of dollars in state funding into initiatives to address Vermont’s workforce shortage. This new funding will reduce or eliminate tuition for eligible students pursuing careers in critical fields such as skilled trades, nursing, mental health care and more.

VSAC, in partnership with other Vermont agencies, offers grants and interest-free forgivable loans that help eligible students afford the degree or training they need to pursue the career they want.

Interest-free forgivable loans

The state of Vermont offers a number of forgivable loan programs to encourage students to enter the Vermont workforce in specific high-demand fields. These unique loans:

  • are interest free.
  • require awarded students to sign a promissory note committing to specific work obligations when they accept the funding.
  • do not require payment while the student is enrolled in the applicable degree or training program.
  • are “forgiven” — which means that the loan does not have to be paid back — when the student meets the work obligations outlined in the promissory note they signed.
  • must be repaid if the student does not complete the program, does not receive their license, or does not work in the field in Vermont following licensure.


This is a one page document outlining the programs to print or send to students.

Digital download: View & download the digital version here.